The art of sunless tanning

SunSpa is an exciting airbrush tanning treatment that gives you a natural healthy look immediately. SunSpa is applied as a fine mist rather than a traditional cream or lotion, which means that your tan looks flawless and will fade naturally. The treatment is quick, light and refreshing – with a delicious fragrance. The treatment takes just 15-20 minutes.

The fabulous results from SunSpa will give you an even, streak-free tan that is rich in colour and natural looking. This airbrush treatment, using our specially formulated sunspray ensures that your tan looks just like the real thing – with no messy rubbing in or blending.

We believe there is no substitute for having a sunless tan professionally applied by a trained therapist. We understand that every body is different and that a natural fake tan cannot be achieved automatically. With the perfect combination of SunSpa and airbrush tanning, you will get a fabulous tan that makes you feel good and that looks great.

Serenity also offer SunSpa Tan-in-a-Can® which an be used as great top-up to the airbrush tan or if you’ve got no tan at all, then Tan-in-a-Can’s® fine mist makes an ideal first treatment for your face, hands, feet and décolletage.