In serenity we are very proud to represent the best brands in the market. For us it is imperative that all our products are made in an ethical way and they respect the environment as well as being animal cruelty free. Therefore, even if we know that there are thousands of different products and brands in the market, we will only introduce those that not only have the best results but also they have to follow a very strict environmentally friendly policy.

Three of the top brands we partner with are working under the umbrella of The International Institute for Anti-Ageing (iiaa) of which we are silver members. A company that works to create skin that is healthy from the inside out.


Feeding the skin from the inside with essential vitamins and nutrients with Advanced Nutrition Programme


Fortifying the skin from the outside with active vitamins in the right doses with Environ Skin Care


Finishing the skin with pure mineral make up to enhance and protect with Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

Individually each brand is based on sound scientific research as well as many years of clinical studies and will deliver significant results. When combined, we are able to achieve previously unobtainable changes to our clients skins. We pride ourselves on our integrity and are proud to be associated with the best brands in the world.